A personal assistant automatically takes care of your pesky organising, household and personal chores

Freqently Asked Questions

  1. Who are Assistants?

    Assistants are full- and part-time employees, carefully screened via background checks (identity, criminal), references, and in-person interviews. They’re exactly the type of people you want caring for your home: responsible, friendly.

  2. How often does my Assistant visit?

    Your Assistant will visit once, twice per week or can be customised. You can also make ad-hoc requests through the whatsapp, Facebook, Email at any time.

  3. How do I communicate with my Assistant?

    Incoming requests are routed to your Assistant through our expert customer experience team.

  4. What Exactly my Assistant does?

    Our main services include TidyUp, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, clothing/shoe repairs, prescription pickups, and shipping packages or outgoing mail. You can alway make special requests vary like getting your gas connection shifted, art hanging, furniture assembly and much more.

  5. Does the same assistant come to my house every week?

    Yes. The wonderful thing about AssistYu service is the relationship of trust that develops between you and your Assistant—your dedicated Assistant will get to know you and your preferences better over time. Our Assistants are human and take time off occasionally, in which case we will notify you ahead of time, introducing you to your temporary Assistant.

  6. How does billing work?

    The service is billed at the beginning of each month and covers the following four weeks of Assistant service. All additional costs (groceries, laundry, dry cleaning, etc.) are billed on a weekly basis following your primary service day. If you need to put your service on hold, we’ll automatically credit your account for any weeks your service is skipped.

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